We are a locally owned company focusing on specialty residential testing, inspections, and services including water testing, well inspections, septic inspections, and radon testing.

We offer fast, convenient, and affordable services.

Please see below for a brief summary of our services, or see their individual pages for more details.

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We offer Water Testing for residential well water for homeowner information, loans/refi, or as part of a real estate transaction.  It is recommended to have your well water tested at least for bacteria at least once a year. Please see the "Water Testing Section for more information.

We offer residential Radon Testing in Air for homeowner information or as part of a real estate transaction.  If you have a radon remediation system, you should have your radon tested as least once a year to make sure your remediation system is functioning properly.

We offer residential Well Inspections.  Having your well checked before you buy a home and regularly while you own a home can help protect your water and save you money.  Well inspections can find safety issues, problems that can affect your water quality, signs that a major repair might be upcoming, and minor, inexpensive repairs that can help delay the major, expensive repairs.   

Our well inspections include a check of the physical, above ground components of the water source as well cisterns, pressure tanks, etc. Our report includes full color photos of the components.

We offer residential Septic Inspections.  A septic inspection before you buy a home and regularly while you own a home can save you money and protect your home and yard from sewage issues.  The inspection can find minor problems (like blockages, outlet issues, etc) before they become bigger problems (like backing up into the house, surfacing in the yard, drain field failure).

Our septic inspections include permit research, standard locating, digging up lids (up to 3 ft), inspecting components, Video Scope of all accessible lines, etc.  Our report includes full color photos of the components.

*We offer inspections with pumping and without pumping.

Services: For the convenience of our customers, especially real estate transactions with tight deadlines,  we now offer Septic Pumping, Minor Septic Repairs, Minor Well Repairs, and Well Chlorinations in house.  We can also provide referrals to other service providers.

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We have a unique expertise in real estate transactions - we work with agents, lenders, and consumers to get them the information they need for their deal fast.  We are an affiliate member of the Henderson County Board of Realtors and have lockbox access.

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