Well Inspections

This page is about inspecting and testing the physical components of the well and includes a water test. 

If you only need the water test, please see the Water Testing Page. 

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Just because water is coming out of

the faucet does not mean your well is "fine".

Well inspections can detect signs that the pressure system or pump are beginning to fail (and when they fail, there is no water).

Pressure systems are a quick and easy fix (around $500-1000).
Pumps are a bigger repair (and usually several thousand).

Pressure systems that are not working efficiently cost more in electricity and put more strain on your pump, shortening its lifespan).


Please see our sample reports for our online reports (which can also be downloaded as pdfs)

For more information about well inspections, process, FAQs, etc, please see our Well Inspection FAQ Page

The Well Inspection includes:

  • One water sample for the water test

  • Property and Permit Research

  • Inspection of above ground components at the water source (well head, spring, etc) if accessible.

  • Inspection of any additional cistern, spring box, etc if accessible.

  • Inspection of the pressure system including pressure tank(s), pressure gauge, pressure switch, etc if accessible

  • Flow Test and Recovery Test (conditions permitting)

  • Other code items like sample ports, shut off valves, etc

  • Full color photos of components and issues

  • 10-15 page report and explanations

Please Note:

  • Not all items will apply to all systems

  • Items that are inaccessible, appear unsafe, etc may not be tested

  • Some things cannot be tested due to type of system or condition of system

WNCIL is a NC Certified Well Contractor

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These are the test packages we currently offer:

Well Inspection and Premium Water Test

This water test will test for Total Coliform, E. coli, Lead, Nitrate, Nitrite, pH, Total Dissolved Solids, Iron, Total Alkalinity, Copper, Phosphorus, Total Chlorine, and Turbidity.

Well Inspection and Lender Water Test

This water test will test for Total Coliform, E. coli, Lead, Nitrate, Nitrite

This is the water test that mortgage companies usually request for loans, especially FHA, USDA, VA, but please check with your lender for their specific requirements.

Well Inspection and Basic Bacteria Water Test

This water test will test for Total Coliform and E. coli.

For more information about water tests, see the Water Testing Page.


  • a NC Certified Class A Well Contractor

  • a NC Certified Drinking Water Lab

  • a NC Licensed Septic Inspector and Installer

  • an affiliate member of Hendersonville Board Of Realtors

Sample Reports