Well Inspections

This page contains general information about our inspection, pricing, process and scheduling.

Our Inspection includes:

  • Permit Research

  • Inspection of above ground components at the water source (well head, spring, etc)

  • Inspection of Cistern, if any

  • Inspection of Pressure system including pressure tank, pressure gauge, pressure switch, etc

  • Flow Tests & Recovery Test

  • 10-15 page report with color photos

Please note that not all items will apply to all systems. Also note, that items that are inaccessible, appear unsafe, etc, may not be tested. Some things cannot be tested on some systems because of the state of the system or type of system.

Inspection Fees


  • Base Fee

    • $300 - $425 depending on water test

      • $300 Inspection & Basic Bacteria​

      • $375 Inspection & Lender Test

      • $425 Inspection & Premium

    • is due at time of scheduling

    • if the inspection is cancelled at least 24hrs before the scheduled date, 50% of the price will be refunded

    • "A System" includes a water source, cistern(s) (if any), and a pressure system. 

      • Additional components may have an additional charge.

  • Trip Fee - by county

    • See the Trip FAQ page for complete list.

    • This is charged per trip to property.

  • Natural Hazard  - $150

    • If there are multiple poison ivy/oak/sumac/etc plants; bees/wasps/hornet nests; or other natural hazard within 5ft of the system, there will be an extra fee.




  • Request Service (by email or phone)

    • If you have a due diligence date, or other deadline, please reach out to us at least 5 days before when possible

    • Please include:
      ▪ the client's name, email, and phone
      ▪ property address
      ▪ client's relationship to property (buyer, owner, agent, etc)
      ▪ Due Diligence Date, if applicable
      ▪ Permit or any other information you might have on the system
      ▪ (the client is whomever is paying)

  • Complete Paperwork

    • We will request a permit from the county.

    • The client will receive an invoice.

  • Schedule

    • Once all the paperwork has been completed/paid and returned we will contact the client and/or their agent to get it on the schedule.

    • The permit is the only exception: since some counties can take 2 or more weeks, we will usually schedule before they respond.

  • Inspection Report

    • It can take a business day or two to get the report, pictures, videos, permit, etc and get it put together.  Once it's ready, it will be emailed to the client and whomever else they have designated.


Once we have received all the completed paperwork and the payment, we will reach out to the client to get the inspection on the schedule.


Please note the following:

  • Please let us know up front if there are any scheduling considerations: pets, tenants/24 hr notice, etc.

  • We do not perform well inspections during the home inspection. The home inspector will be running water and appliances in the house; meanwhile, we are trying to judge water flow, we sometimes need to turn water on and off, etc.

  • Due to the nature of our inspections we cannot guarantee a specific day or time.

    • There are many factors that influence our scheduling; including weather, previous jobs, cancellations, traffic, and other unforeseen circumstances.

  • Attending the inspection

    • Our report does include pictures of everything, so you'll be able to see exactly what the inspector sees.

    • Please let us know up front if the list agent, owner, buyer's agent or buyer want or need to be present for the inspection.  We can give you an estimated time with a 30min call ahead.

      • Please wear closed toe shoes if you are planning to enter the work area.

      • No children.

      • Especially near the well head there are often many hazards such as bees, spiders, heavy concrete lids, electrical equipment for the pump and pressure system, etc.

  • We will call it into showing times

    • We call a window of time into showing times - the start and end time of the showing times appointment are not guaranteed arrival/departure times.

Please contact our office if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Well Inspection FAQs


What areas do you cover?

Right now we service Western NC. All our inspections include Buncombe County. We also do collections in the following counties for the listed trip fee: Henderson - $25 Madison - $35 Haywood, McDowell, Yancey - $45 Transylvania, Polk - $55 Rutherford - $65 Mitchell, Jackson - $75 Swain, Macon - $90 For other counties in WNC, please call our office. We will be expanding our service area soon - keep an eye on our facebook page for announcements.

How far in advance do I need to schedule?

We need a minimum of one business day to set everything up, so inspections requested on Monday can be set up for Wednesday or later. Of course you can, and are encouraged, to schedule further in advance.

Does someone need to meet you there?

We do need the power & the water to be on and we usually need access to the inside of the house. If you are the homeowner, please schedule it for a time you will be home (or call our office to discuss). If you are the buyer or buyer's agent: If its listed by an agent, we can arrange access with the list agent (we have a Sentrilock card or can get a one day code). If its a FSBO, please provide seller contact info. We do not need you to be there, but please let us know when you schedule if the buyer and/or the buyer's agent would like to present.

Requirements for the inspection

We do need the power and water to be on to the well and house to do a complete inspection, and we will need to able to access all the components (well head, pressure tank, etc) - common sense things like if the well is in a small shed, make sure its unlocked; make sure the well isn't in a bramble thicket; make sure the pressure tank isn't behind a bunch of boxes; etc.



The $250 price is due at scheduling. If the inspection is cancelled at least 24 hours before the scheduled date, 50% of the inspection price is refundable. The $250 price is for one system (one water source and one pressure system).


If you need to reschedule or cancel, please let us know as soon as possible. For inspections cancelled: - at least 24 hours before 50% of the inspection price will be refundable - once we are on site, the full amount will be due. - once we have started the inspection, the full amount will be due.

Inspection cannot be completed

If our tech arrives at the property and cannot complete the inspection due to circumstances the owner/agents should have known*, the tech will complete as much of the inspection as possible and the full amount will be due. *This includes if the tech arrives and: - the person who was supposed to provide access was not there - the lockbox is not there/working/is missing the key - power and water are off/house is winterized - components are inaccessible If the problem is fixed, a reinspection can be requested for the trip fee and $100 reinspection fee.


Results are not released until payment has been received. Results/Reports are released to the person who paid for them. They can authorize us to copy others on the invoice & reports (spouse, agent, lender, etc). If we receive questions about specific items on the report, we will answer them.