Trip Fees

We do charge trip fees per county to cover the employees' additional drive time and additional mileage.

We do it this way to keep the costs as low as possible for as many clients as possible.

These are charged per trip to the property.  If we are doing multiple services during one trip, one trip fee is charged.

  • Buncombe - $0 Trip Fee, Wasted Trip Fee $25

  • Henderson - $25

  • Haywood - $45

  • Madison - $35

  • McDowell - $45

  • Transylvania - $55

  • Yancey - $45

  • Polk - $55

  • Rutherford - $65

  • Jackson - $75

  • Mitchell - $75

  • Swain - $90

  • Macon - $90

  • For availability in other counties, please call our office.

*Remember Radon Tests are two trips.

Wasted Trip Fees

Testing Services (water/radon):

If we arrive on site and cannot complete the job due to circumstances beyond our control, a wasted trip fee is charged.

For example, if we are doing a water test and the water is not on, or if we arrive and the key is missing or doesn't work.

In Buncombe County this is $25; in all other counties it is the normal trip fee. 

When the problem is fixed, and we come back to complete the order, there will be a trip fee for this second trip as well.

Inspections & Services:

If we arrive on site and cannot complete the job due to circumstances beyond our control, a wasted trip fee is charged.

For instance, if we need access to the house but the key is missing or doesn't work; if we cannot access components; etc (see the page for each inspection for more details).

For inspections, this is covered by the deposit and the trip fee.

If the problem is fixed and a reinspect is requested this will be the inspection fee and a trip fee (see the inspection's page for more details).

*We do not accept customer collected samples without prior authorization from the lab manager.  Please see our Water Testing page for more information or call our office.

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