Septic Pumping Prices

For an estimate and to schedule:
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Septic Pumping

Price includes:

(prices subject to change)

  • Uncovering both lids up to 1 ft

  • Pumping up to 1,000 gallons of flowable solids

  • Dump Fees

Additional Fees:

(prices subject to change)

  • Uncovering lid between 1 and 3 ft ($50 per lid/ft)

  • Use of an e-locator $90

See our Septic Pumping page(s) for more information on pumping service!

Some tanks will require a "special project pump" that will need to be quoted by our office.

This includes tanks that are not "flowable", pumps that are going to be more than 150 ft, pumps that have a steep elevation change, and more. Please see our Septic Pumping page for more information.

If a tank has gone decades or more without being pumped, a standard pumping may not be possible.

Lids, Access Risers, Pump Ports, Cleanouts: these are all different and people don't always know what they have - some can be pumped out of, some can't.

Pumping does not solve all septic/plumbing problems.

WNCIL is a NC Licensed Septic Pumper

Standard maintenance pumps are scheduled during
business hours (Mon-Fri 9 to 5).

If you have septic coming up in the house or yard and need emergency after hours/weekend service, please see this page and add $200 to the pump price to cover calling a crew in.

Pumping must be paid up front to be put on the schedule, which includes a deposit.

If cancelled up to one business day before, the payment is 100% refundable.  If tank can't be located, is inaccessible, contents are no longer solid, etc so that pump cannot be completed the deposit (and emergency fee) are not refundable.

Standard Pumping Price:

See information on in the aqua box

Buncombe County - $325

Henderson County - $325

Madison County - $375

Haywood County - $390

McDowell County - $390

Yancey County - $390

(deposit on the above counties - $150)

Transylvania County - $400

Polk County - $400

Rutherford County - $425

Mitchell County - $440

Swain County - $440

Macon County - $440

Jackson County - $440

(deposit on the above counties - $175)


*Pumps do not get a trip fee*