Septic Pumping

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Septic Pumping

The state requires us to inform you that for a complete inspection, the tank should be pumped.  We can inspect most tanks without pumping due to new technologies and tools in use, so our standard inspection does not include pumping.


You have the choice at the time you schedule the inspection to:

  • Have the tank pumped

  • Decline to have the tank pumped


If we inspect without pumping, we will tell you as part of the report whether the tank:

  • Does not need to be pumped

  • Is about ready to be pumped - buyer can have it done before or after closing, or try to negotiate it with the seller

  • Is overly full - buyer or seller can arrange to have it pumped or contract with us to have it pumped.

Please contact our office if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Septic Pumping FAQs



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If you need to reschedule or cancel, please let us know as soon as possible. For inspections: - 50% of the inspection price is refundable if the inspection is cancelled at least 24 hours before For pumping: - Once a truck is on site 50% of the pump price will be due - Once the truck has begun pumping, the full pump price is due

Pumping cannot be completed

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Septic Pumping

What areas do you cover?

Right now we service Western NC. Buncombe & Henderson Most of: Madison, Haywood, McDowell, Yancey, Transylvania, Rutherford, Polk, Mitchell, Jackson, Swain, Macon Individual properties may not be accessible by the pumper truck.

How far in advance do I need to schedule?

Septic Inspections without pumping are usually about 5-7 business days from request to report. Septic Inspections with pumping are usually about 5-10 business days from request to report, though this depends on pumping availablity. Of course you are welcome, and encouraged, to order further ahead than that, since jobs can get delayed by weather, obstacles to the inspection (patio over tank, etc), and other unforseen circumstances.

Does someone need to meet you there?

It is helpful to have the water and power on and we do sometimes need access to the inside of the hosue. If this is a house listed for sale with an agent, we can arrange access with the agent.
We have Sentrilock accesss and do not need anyone to be there; though the client, property owner, and their agents are welcome to attend, just let us know when you schedule if anyone is planning on meeting us there. If you are a buyer or buyer's agent purchasing a For-Sale-By-Owner, please let us know that when you order. If you are a homeowner doing an inspection for your own information or prior to listing/selling your house, and so there is no agent, please schedule for a time when you are home or call our office to discuss.

Does a Septic Tank have to be pumped during an inspection?

The state requires us to inform you that for a complete inspection, the tank should be pumped. However, there are new technologies and tools in use that make inspecting an under capacity tank possible. We offer two options: * Have the tank pumped * Decline to have the tank pumped - if the report says the tank needs pumped: * you can ask the seller to have it done * wait and have it done after you close on the house

Why wouldn't I have the tank pumped during the inspection?

If you are the property owner ordering an insepction for your information or before listing/selling the house and haven't had it pumped in the last 3 - 5 years, you probably want to go ahead and plan on having it pumped during the inspection. If you are a buyer doing your due diligence, there are several reasons you may not want to have it pumped: - Most tanks can be inspected without pumping. - We can usually get to it faster if there is no pumping involved. - We will let you know if the tank is ready to be pumped, or needs to be pumped to finish the inspection. - You are paying for a lot of inspections - don't pay for a pump that isn't necessary. - If it does need pumping, you may be able to negotiate for the seller to pay to have it pumped. HOWEVER, if you know the system has not been pumped in 5 or more years (under normal, full time use) or that the system has been (or might have been) over/mis-used (rentals, etc), you might want to go ahead and plan on having it pumped during the inspection. Please call our office if you need to discuss this further.

How do you determine if a tank needs pumped?

According to state codes, a tank needs pumped on both sides when either (or both) chamber has solids as 33% of its liquid depth. We have a tool which we use to measure the solids in both chambers to determine if a tank needs to be pumped. Additionally, the water level in the tank should be at the bottom of the outlet pipe. A water level over the outlet or inlet pipe can impede the inspection and we would consider that a tank that needs to be pumped. State codes also state that the tank should be checked periodically and pumped if necessary. The general rule of thumb is a tank that is being used appropriately and functions properly should need pumped every 3 -5 years (in fact, its often noted on the permit).
Tanks that are being over used (more people or water usage than designed for, non biodegrable items being flushed, etc) or haven't been pumped in more than 5 years often need pumped.
Tanks that are under used (vacation homes, an elderly person living alone in a 4 bedroom house, etc) can sometimes go longer between pumping.


How much is pumping?

With our inspection or for a tank that has both lids uncovered when we arrive: Buncombe and Henderson County are $300. Other Counties are $300-$400 depending on location. Please call our office for details. These prices are for a standard 1,000 gallon tank. Larger tanks will have an additional fee. In a properly functioning system, the main tank is the only tank that should need pumped. Distribution Boxes, ​Pump Tanks, etc can be pumped for an additional fee.