Radon Testing

Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas and long-term exposure to high levels of radon can lead to lung cancer.


We recommend that a new radon test should be performed if you are buying/selling a home, you have renovated or altered your home since you last tested, or every two years. Even if the home has a radon mitigation system, you should retest every few years (or before purchasing) to make sure the mitigation system is still functioning properly.


WNC Independent Labs offers one of the most accurate tests available.

Please note: this tests for radon in your home, not in your water.​

We can usually start a test within one to two business days.  After the test is collected, you will have your report within 24 hours.


These are the test packages we currently offer:

48 Hour - $125

72 Hour - $175

All prices include pickup in Buncombe county, other counties will have an additional trip fee.

See our "Trip Fee FAQ" page for more details and how to save money!

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