Emergency Septic Pumping

If this is an emergency where septic is
coming up in the house or yard:

Call our office at 828.552.5174 x1

We offer emergency pumping for situations where septage is coming up in the house or the yard, including limited availability on weekends, holidays, and after business hours.
Please call our office for more information or read below.

Septic Tanks should be pumped regularly.  A general "rule of thumb" is every 3-5 years (and many counties have begun writing that on permits).

If a tank is backing more often than that, there is probably an additional issue.

Please see our Septic Pumping page for details about our pumping service.

Pumping does not solve all septic and plumbing problems

If the tank is full because it hasn't been emptied every 3-5 yrs, pumping is the answer.

If the tank has been pumped more recently than 2 years and is already full again, the system is probably being over used or has another problem.

If the tank is not overly full and its backing up into the house, its probably an issue between the the house and the tank or a clog in a house line, either of which needs a plumber.

We pump up to 1,000 gallons of flowable solids - if the tank is overly full and backing up, we may not completely empty the tank, but it should stop it from backing up (at least for a few days).

Even if we have completely emptied it, there maybe "stuff" in it again after a day or two.  This can be stuff running back from the drainfield or draining from the pipes in the house. 

Coming up in the yard


If its coming up in the yard:


Does it smell like septic?​

If yes, its probably an septic issue.  If not, it could be septic or it could be something else.

Is it coming up over the tank or the drainfield?

If its over the tank, the tank is probably overly full and needs pumped.

If its over the drainfield, the drainfield probably needs work and the tank may or may not be full.  A septic pump will not solve a drainfield issue, but can provide some temporary relief.

Coming up in the house


If its coming up in the house (or bubbling, draining extremely slowly, etc):


Is it coming up in all the drains? 

The septic tank could be overly full and backing up (which is fixed by pumping), or there could be an issue between the tank and the house (which is fixed by a plumber).

Is it only coming up in one bathroom/kitchen/drain? 

If its the lowest bathroom or the one closest to the the septic out, it could be that the septic tank is full or an issue with the line for that bathroom.

If its only one room or area of the house, it's more likely to be an issue in the lines that should be addressed by a plumber.