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Please call or email us if you have any questions about our services, reports, policies, etc or 828.552.5174

x3 for Testing and Inspections

x4 for Repairs and Maintenance

Our office is open

Mon - Fri

9:00 - 4:45



We do take payment upfront to hold a spot on the calendar.

Once payment is received, we can let you know what day it is scheduled for.  We will provide an approximate arrival time one business day before.

If you want/need to be present, please let us know and we will provided a call ahead.

Times and Days are NOT guaranteed.

Times are approximate and can change subject to weather, traffic, previous jobs, etc.

Days are subject to change: if we have a cancellation, we might move a job up; if there is bad weather (thunderstorms, snow, ice, flooding, etc) or other unforeseen circumstances (like a truck breaking down). we may have to move jobs back.


Release of Results

Our well and septic inspections are the most thorough in the area: includes all components; full color photos of all accessible components and of any issues (which can help with repair negotiations); summary of issues; explanations about components and issues so that clients understand their systems.  Our septic inspections also include camera scoping the lines (conditions permitting) and exceed the minimum inspection requirements


  • a NC Certified Drinking Water Lab

  • a NC Licensed Septic Inspector and Installer

  • a NC Certified Class A Well Contractor

  • an affiliate member of Hendersonville Board Of Realtors